About Me

Daniel Norman

I’m a JavaScript application developer living in Berlin. I study computer science at the Technical University of Berlin. In the last four years I have been doing mostly web related development. Initially I started as a full stack developer with Apache, PHP, MySQL and the Simfony framework. I later moved on to specialise in backend development, working with PostgreSQL, MongoDB and data mining. Over the last two years I’ve been mostly interested in the JavaScript ecosystem. Developing single page applications and diving into the world of server side JavaScript with Node.js. I am interested in JavaScript, ECMA5, node.js and frontend frameworks. I have made a couple of small contributions to the backone-fundementals book. I work sociomantic as a developer leading a small frontend team specialising in single page applications. We have a strong focus on engineering well structured applications.

My tools of choice for frontend development are:

  • Backbone.js
  • Underscore.js
  • Marionette.js
  • Require.js
  • Grunt
  • Mocha.js
  • Chai.js
  • Sinon.js

I am also learning Coffeescript, a programming language that compiles to javascript.

This blog was build with Hexo.js a static blog generator powered by Node.js and all of its content is written using markdown.

Some of my other interests are photography, woodworking, pottery and everything to do with bicycles.

I can be contacted at daniel at 2color dot me

You can also find me on Github